Felicia's photo in a circle cutout

I love the field of user experience because it allows me to solve critical problems through empathy and building things with my hands. I have work experience in consulting for the federal government, as the lead researcher & designer at a small startup, and in founding my own creative studio with 2 friends. I studied Business Administration in undergrad and earned my Master's in Human Computer Interaction, both at Carnegie Mellon University. I also have a minor in Japanese.

Outside of work, I spend all my extra money and vacation time on travel - both abroad and in the US. I enjoy baking, exercising, and doing all sorts of crafting. I play a lot of board and video games with my incredible family and friends. My latest side project has led my team and I to release a mobile word game into open beta (so excited about this!) If you want to know more about me or my work, please reach out!