Popup Book

Book Design + Fabrication | 6 Weeks

As a wedding gift for my cousin and her soon-to-be-husband, I wanted to create a way to preserve and share their love story. I have experience making popup cards, so I wrote their story in a rhyming couplet poem and made this popup book. I created and laser cut illustrations for five 2-page spreads and various foldout flaps. Every page has at least one movable part - the husband kicks a soccer ball, the ring pops up out of its case, a car slides along a track. I also worked to incorporate non-paper materials like string for the soccer net and mesh for the bride's veil. I improvised book assembly by using 11"x17" cardstock to bind thin cardboard covers together.

Cover of Popup Book Popup Ring Popup fiance soccer player Popup couch with family on it

Custom Board Game Redesigns

Interaction Design | Various Projects

I usually give handmade gifts, and I have some friend groups that play a lot of board games. First, I redesigned Coloretto, which is a card game in which cards are placed in groups of 3 and taken by players on alternating turns. Rather than use cards, I attached custom illustrations to wooden discs and built 3-slot couches out of cardstock that hold each "card" until a player takes the couch.

Coloretto board game redesign Couches with wooden disc characters

Ticket to Ride is a popular board game in which players use trains to connect routes on various maps of the world. For a birthday gift, my cousin and I created a map of our home county in PA on a cake. I designed cards for the custom route tickets, we made trains and a score track out of fondant, and used toothpicks to label all the destinations. We privately playtested on paper to try and balance the game as much as possible beforehand because we were only able to play one game on our edible map.

Cake version of Ticket to Ride game Tickets of routes for Ticket to Ride game

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