Parks and Recreation: Tom Haverford's Food Language

Kinetic Typography | 1 Week

This was my first kinetic typography project; it was also my first experience using Adobe AfterEffects. I enjoyed learning the software and tried to incorporate principles of animation to give character to the words in the clip. The audio is a scene from Parks and Recreation Season 3, Episode 10.

Astronaut Boy's Triumph

3D Animation | 6 Weeks

During the Spring of my year as a Master's student in HCI, I took Intro to 3D Animation. I made this model, rig, and animation over the course of 6 weeks. I storyboarded and asked a friend to pick up an exercise ball like the boy picks up his helmet to help me with timing and blocking of the animation. This was my first time animating, and it was one of the most challenging and enjoyable class projects I've done. |